I have been attempting to write music for a few years now, you can see the small fruits of my labours below. I started off by getting a Yahama digital piano, just to learn it initially, I knew how to read music from playing the trumpet at school so I undertook the task to master the ebony and ivory.

After a while I started writing some rudimentary songs and arranged them in a music notation software called Finale. Yes I thought very nice now anyone which a smidgen of piano expertise can sample my musical tunes. But what did I really want out of this I thought. Hang on, this Finale program can play my music itself if I assign instruments to each selection of notes - wow neat - now anyone can hear my dirges.

Right then there has to be more possibilities, the music is on a computer can I translate the scores into something a little more up-to-date, yes a trance type composition.

This started me on the software musical learning curve which I am still on today. I learn't that these days computers are pretty darn powerful and a complete song can be composed, mixed and mastered all by onesself, as long as you know what you are doing. But even if you don't it's a whole lotta fun. I settled on FL Studio in the end as I could download it, it came with free lifetime updates and it seemed to be the most intuitve, smooth, and above all fun to use.

I'm still learning, as I think we all are, and trying to find my own voice and trying as hard as I can to complete tracks. I have finished two pseudo orchestral albums (Teardrops, Teardrops II), stemming from my days of Finale use, and three electronic albums using FL Studio (Teardrops, Star Rider, Fire In Your Veins). As you can see below and have lots of partially completed tracks which will eventually start to comprise another album.

If you are interested in listening to my creations (and therefore have got to the bottom of this tract of text) then just click around a bit on the tables below - you will hear stuff.

The images just below are the albums covers for my finished abums, I will look to fill up the entire row in the future.

I have a Soundcloud account where I have uploaded some of my music, and here it is! - Go to my Soundcloud channel!

Teardrops Teardrops II Teardrops Star Rider Fire In Your Veins Rising

Rising (Electronic)
No Name Description Trance MP3 Status

Fire In Your Veins (Electronic)
No Name Description Trance MP3 Status

Star Rider (Electronic)
No Name Description Trance MP3 Status

Teardrops (Electronic)
No Name Description Trance MP3

Teardrops II (Orchestral)
No Name Description MP3

Teardrops (Orchestral)
No Name Description MP3

Complete Track List
No Name Album Description Piano MIDI Arranged MIDI Trance MP3 Orchestrated MP3 Status