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Have a little look below for music, pictures, videos, artwork, scans - if in doubt just click. To delve a little further just select from the menu on the left. Any comments would be most welcome, just e-mail me if you feel the inclination.

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Below I have links to my DeviantArt, Soundcloud and Youtube channels.
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Latest Drawing

Below are my latest music ideas. To see my entire track listing please visit the pianoroom My latest two albums are from the left, and are now finished and mastered. The next in the pipeline is the scruffy set of sonic textures in the column to the right.
Teardrops Teardrops II Teardrops Star Rider Fire In Your Veins Rising

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Fire In Your Veins
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Latest Ideas
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Pictures galore, from my pen, pastels, digital stylus, imagination and any other drawing implements. I've worked with many different mediums over the years but these days I have settled on the digital stylus!!. I like the ability to slap down blocks of colour, smudge, then layer on colour after colour until I get the desired effect or until my fingers start cramping. Just recently I've decided to get my hands less messy by using a Surface Pro 2017 tablet using a piece of software called ArtRage 5. I also have a Youtube channel (at present 90 subscribers!) which contains all my recent digital art in a speed painting format (see the image with a link at the top of the page).

Art Galleries

Here is a sample of pictures taken in the last few years. to see the full set see darkroom


Pictures scanned in from various photo albums. This section is only in its infancy (like some of the pictures) and eventually I will get round to dusting off old photo albums, reminiscing, scanning and uploading. I have thus far just scanned in the 2, the first couple of steps on a long and winding nostalgic road.

Scanned Pictures