1. Reset PC, either the short way by just removing files or the long way by
waiting for a reformat of the while directory which will take hours.

2. Setup PC as normal and enter MS account information adding a simple pin.

3. Plug in the hard drive backup

4. Go to RedSaucers/My Backup and run restore_backup.bat the files will
then start to copy into there relevant places.

5. RedSaucers/My Downloads/Ninite and let it install the apps.

6. RedSaucers/Surface Setup/Choco/install.bat
read the text to install choco in Powershell. Open up PS admin
and follow the instructions.
Now select software_install, this will take a while so continue with the
next steps.

7. While the apps are being installed then go through
each installation executable in the RedSaucers/Downloads folder.

7.1 Uninstall all the games and bloatware in Windows

8. RedSaucers/Backup/Surface Setup/Surface Setup Admin
which will remove OneDrive icon, turn off adaptive brightness and copy across
the dark theme. Although this doesn't always work in which case select
each of the reg files.

9. If all the files have been copied by now from the external drive then
we need to sync up to GDrive. Unfortunately some work will need to get this
to be done as GDrive will think that the new install is on a new computer
and create a separate computer under computers.

First create a tmp directory in Downloads (or any directory)

Run up Backup & Sync which has now been installed on the Desktop and
log in to the google account and follow the steps. Uncheck the existing
folders that will be synced and add the new tmp directory.

Wait for GD to sync which won't take very long as it is just one directory.

Go to the GD web interface and under computers there will be now 2 computers,
one with the original data and the new one with just the tmp folder.

Move all the data from the old computer to the new one, delete the old one
and rename the new computer to the old name for consistency. This means
we have now relinked up our data to our laptop.

Now to add the folders back in and relink to the moved data. At GD in the
app select preferences, make sure that the always remove is selected and the
photo quality is standard. Add the folders back in to resync which will
be RedSaucers and Music if the HD isn't attached.

You will need to wait while GD app starts to process it should then move
to a comparing stage after which a popup may appear showing the differences
which of course should not be too many. Then pretty quickly the syncing
will be up-to-date!!!

This seems to work now i have tweaked the timestamps of the backup files
so the modified time is now not before the creation time and everything is
set to archive :)

10. Copy the VirtualBox VMs from the external disk into james

11. Da Vinci resolve on the desktop will need to set the DPI compatability
to system so it is shown large enough.

12. Turn off notifications.

13. Turn on the wsl feature in the Turn Windows features on or off

14. Install relevant apps from the MS store including :
FB messenger

15. Add google mail account to thunderbird and install add ons:
font resizer
gsync contacts

add delete button from toolbar

15.2 Winaero to display bash and powershell on right click

16. Lock rotation

17. Open Edge eventually the bookmarks will appear and log in to each
website saving the passwords.

17.1 Set default search engine on Edge to

18. Open each app and either log in or tweak.

19. Open each VM the .vbox so they are registered in virtualbox.

20. Set the battery settings to never sleep

21. From explorer options set the one click link

22. SurfaceSetup pin Theme Settings to Taskbar

22.1 Set explorer to display hidden files and extensions.

23. Install SurfaceSetup/RainMeter and configure

24. Customise the touchpad for 3 fingers backward forwards

25. RedSaucers/Downloads copy ffmpeg* into c: extract and rename to ffmpeg
copy Downloads youtube-dl* into c:/ffmpeg/bin
So youtube videos can be downloaded and the convert function will work

26. Load Backup/FileZilla xml into FileZilla

27. Open windows photos and add in the RedSaucers/Photos directory

28. Set the display scale to 175%

29. Add Music directory to iTunes

30. Run Picasa and let it pick up all pictures as default

31. Turn off fast startup as it keeps windows in some kind of hibernation
so my dual boot linux can't mount


to find duplicate downloads search in windows for :

to set attributes of files search in windows search :
which will find all files, then select all and copy into bulkfindchanger