ArtRage Youtube Channel Video Ideas

ArtRage - Using the Surface Pro

General tips and tricks when using the Surface Pro with ArtRage


Using a Surface Pro for 3 years picked up tricks

Not just for ArtRage but for any other software

Hardware adaptions

Matte screen protector for friction and anti reflection

Adonit Ink and the reasons

Adonit clip on side of screen

Autohotkey top button mappings.

Surface display preparations

Stop auto display adaptiveness

Resolution changes to change the dock sizes and preserve resolution

Black theme

Low brightness indoors

WinAero to increase font size

Free software

  • Autohotkey
  • GIMP
  • Picasa
  • IrfanView


ArtRage preference settings

Outdoors painting

How I use SP outside

Full brightness

ArtRage - Create your own canvas textures

Create from photograph

ArtRage - Native filters

All filters in ArtRage

Show example download of filter and copy to directory

Explain 32 bit and 64 bit difference

Show 64 bit plugins that work

Harry’s filters

ArtRage - Free tools

Free tools to enhance ArtRage and fill in the features that ArtRage doesn’t have

  • Picasa 3
  • Export to jpg (not png)
  • Run HDR effect in Picasa showing the paint being brought out
  • Quick skip through filters
  • Save and import back into ArtRage
  • GIMP
  • Export to .psd and see layers preserved
  • Export to an image format to get all layer images
  • IrfanView
  • Autohotkey

ArtRage - Bring out painterly effect with filters

Painterly effects

  • Picasa HDR
  • Usharp mask in GIMP
  • ArtRage photoshop filters

ArtRage - adding detail

Import stencil and use with overlay for light and dark

Use canvas textures

Show final rendering techniques

  • Import an image from the Internet straight into a stencil
  • Use stencil straight away to add texture
  • Set an overlay layer and move stencil around with colour changes
  • Flip trick to remove the stencil

Sticker spray / custom brush

Sharpen / HDR / Unsharp filters

Technique to add texture and colour overlay experiments

  • Set layer to overlay
  • Import a previous painting
  • Cycle through blend modes
  • Transform to fit
  • Fit to portrait example

ArtRage - Digital tricks

Export .jpg light trick

  • Fill layer with black and set to colour dodge
  • Use airbrush with light colour to fill to bring out lighting

Black colour gradient and white airbrush to bring form

  • Set new layer to overlay / multiply
  • Select bucket tool, gradient and fill with black and white
  • Select airbrush to white and effectively erase away

ArtRage - Screen recording

How to record an ArtRage session with the free OBS

Set up options including fps and resolution, relating to surface pro and loading

Difference between display and window capture

Why I use window capture and show that floating panels are not recorded

ArtRage - Consolidated video creation process

All the steps that I use to create an ArtRage video

  • OBS to record
  • ffmpeg to speed up and stitch together and the reasons
  • Potential script recording and Cygwin and Notepad++ tools
  • Editing video in PowerDirector
  • Narrated videos using inbuilt microphone

ArtRage - blending

How to blend

Custom Brush blenders

Wet media blending

Oil brush with thinner

Oily chalk

Colour pick blending

Palette knife

ArtRage - How to animate your art

  • Werble
  • Plotagraph
  • MotionPortrait

Surface Pro - Free software to create art

Free software available to create and record art

  • OBS
  • GIMP
  • Krita
  • Ffmpeg
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • Irfanview
  • Picasa

Create Youtube video process for free

Free video creation

Record using OBS

  • Speed up using ffmpeg and stitch together
  • Use Shotcut to create the video
  • Narrate over using built in microphone
  • Jukedeck for music
  • Youtube / NCS for music

Connecting surface pro to Cintiq QHD

Use of the surface dock and general connections


ArtRage - Narrated time lapse

Could take one of my old videos as well as new ones

Just narrate over, probably will need to slow down the time lapse a bit

Full pen peformance comparision


  • Cintiq 27QHD
  • Surface Pro (3 pens – Surface Pro 4, New Surface Pro, Bamboo Ink)

All using ArtRage and the grid

  • Straight lines
  • Diagonals
  • Hatching