The tool I use to create all my art. It is easily the best I have found for that natural media look and works very well on the surface pro. If you are interested to see what I have produced over the years, here is a link to my gallery Digital Art

I've worked with many different mediums over the years but these days I have settled on the digital stylus!!. I like the ability to slap down blocks of colour, smudge, then layer on colour after colour until I get the desired effect or until my fingers start cramping.


Here are some ArtRage resources, just select the file you wish to download below :

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I have a youtube channel that shows my process for all of my >200 paintings so far along with a few sprinklings of tutorial. To find the link see my home page towards the bottom.

Here are some ideas I have for the future of my youtube channel Video Ideas

Script Tidy

Some guidelines on how to tidy up a generated .ascript playback file for a clean replay, for example when recording for a youtube video Script Tidy